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Oto Useda – MASSAGE
Oto Useda is aged 19 and lives in Prague. This handsome and very well built strraight guy is a student who enjoys sports, ice-hockey and fitness. He looks so good as he sits on the edge of the bed for his interview. He smiles a lot during the interview as he answers the sexual questions. Then he kneels on the bed and begins to feel over his body. Lifting his polo shirt he shows off his abs. Then he removes the top and reveals the hot chest. He rubs his hands over his chest and then over his groin too. Openin his belt he reaches into his shorts for a quick grope. Then he opens the shorts for easier access and rubs his hand over the underwear. Oto removes his shorts and kneels again, in his underwear, and takes some oil to rub into that sexy body. He coats his body and biceps in oil . Then he takes off his underwear to release his big cock. He takes hold of his cock and wanks it, coating in with oil too. The cock swells in his hand as he wanks. He drips more oil onto it and continues wanking the big dick to get it fully hard. Then he turns around and bends over to show off his sexy ass, with a hairy hole. He wanks his dick down between his legs as he shows off his hot ass. Reaching back he runs a hand all over that hot ass. Then he uses both hands and the cheeks are parted to show his tight hole. Laying on the bed, on his back, Oto wanks his big cock some more. That thick dick is rock hard as he wanks with both hands. It isn't long before the cum is ready and shoots onto his hot body. Oto milks his fat dick to drain it of cum and then he goes off to the shower to clean up.

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