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CockyBoys Fans Only! Double Feature – Michael Roman & Frankie V – Levi Karter & Calvin Banks Cam Show
This new CBFO Double Feature is also a double milestone! Michael Roman is back to manhandle Frankie V in his first scene since last summer while an edited live cam show features Levi Karter & Calvin Banks in their FIRST time together on camera! In Part 1 Humpy tattooed muscle daddy Michael Roman has Frankie V. all to himself in a hotel suite where he makes out with him and strips him naked. Michael plays with Frankie's lean-muscled body before putting his flexibility to the test as he sucks and rims him. Frankie gets his turn to service his cock but in little time Michael is back in charge eating his ass and deep-throating his cock with a few acrobatic moves. Eventually Michael stands behind Frankie, his arms wrapped around him, humping him and making out with him as he reaches around to stroke his cock. Moving Frankie to the sofa Michael begins his non-stop domination of Frankie. He bends Frankie over the sofa to rim and finger fuck him before thrusting his cock deep in inside him and pinning him to the sofa. Michael moves them him into tight 69 then shifts back to fucking Frankie on his back, not stopping until he fucks a thick load out of him. At last Michael lies next to Frankie to shoot his load in an intense orgasm. It all leaves the two speechless as they lie there together. In Part 2 you're invited to join Levi Karter & Calvin Banks in a combination webcam show and POV sex fest. An affectionate Calvin is eager to get going and he quickly gets the pleasure of Levi's mad skills sucking cock. Calvin also returns the favor with his own oral talents then raises the passionate heat level with his topping skills. Calvin gives it good to Levi from behind but it's when he fucks him on his back that he sends him over the edge. He fucks Levi deep and finds that magic spot inside and makes Levi shoot a skyrocketing load. It's so wild Calvin and Levi both have to compose themselves. But they do as Calvin jacks off a geyser of his own with the help of Levi who gets a tasty treat for his efforts. The affectionate duo wrap up their show giving their audience a literal translation of "The End" Enjoy, Jake Jaxson

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